Description of the site in Google

Hello, does anyone know how to embed correct description to web site which is visible in google search please? Thank you.

Just use the description field under the page settings in Blocs.

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Unfortunatelly Google doesn’t take it. This is my description:

Snímek obrazovky 2020-05-05 v 19.09.54

For some reason it takes texts from the home page, from the menu manager, headlines … etc. so its very confusing. It sees the “home” page and the page “about us” but not the other pages, not sure why:

From what I’ve just read Google sometimes uses the description and sometimes it doesn’t depending on whether it thinks it’s more relevant to the user. Have a look at this thread:

and this one contains the guidelines

It seems that Google believes the snippets from the page are more useful than the SEO description.

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