Design the blogpages in Blocs when using Pulse CMS


Hey all!

Just installed the PulseCMS blog on a page, and its really cool how i can design the blog in blocs, but I have a question, page one is the only page I can design in Blocs?
What about the “read more” page in the blogpost? It turns out quite weird with text from side to side and I dont have a menu or such.

Is there any way I can make my own design on these pages?

Great forum btw!

Best regards // JD


Sounds great @jdpr - could you share a link?

The single blog post pages should take the styles from your master theme/template…


Hi! Thanks for your reply.
This is the site that I am testing it on:

What am I doing wrong?


Wow, @jdpr - I can’t really understand it :scream:

It seems your CSS is in the page and being loaded. But some of the HTML elements are missing?

Not seen this error before… it should be pulling in the same header etc.

Are you running the latest Blocs version?
Can you export to desktop and check again?


Its a first for everything;)

I am using version 2.2.2 of Blocs.
Tried to make a new test-site thats now live on same url but still the same problem.


Can you export and DM me the HTML to have a look?

Thanks @jdpr :slight_smile:


@pulsecms just thinking about trying out pulse and I wanted to know if I use shared hosting servers which directory should I install pulse? Say I have five websites stored inside a main public folder, do I install pulse in the spicific folder for the website I’m going to use as a pulse project.



Yes @casey1823 that would be right - install Pulse in the specific folder for that domain.

The current Pulse licensing means that would be 5 domains and 5 license keys for each. We have plans for an unlimited single license for as-many-sites-as-you-want plan to be released soon :slight_smile:

Blocs with Pulse CMS

Thanks I’ll give it a try.


any luck with the original post about the design of the read more pages?


Is this not working for you @squareclouds?


@pulsecms its working for me :slight_smile: just wanted to know if it worked for him


Hi to everyone,

I do my first steps with Blocks/PulseCMS and have the same issue. Is there a guide or a how to for changing the design at the “read more” page?

Or can someone give me a tip where I find something about that to read?



Thanks @AndreasN

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