Desktop version poll - Intel or Silicon?

I am still running Blocs 5 on a 2018 Intel Mac mini running Sonoma, but I was curious how many are still on Intel, moved to Silicon or maybe using both. Also how do you think they compare.

  • Intel
  • Silicon
  • Both
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2019 Intel MacBook Pro 16”, I love this machine :grinning:


2022 MacBook Pro 13" with M2 chip 16Gb 1 To. Amazing !

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2019 16” MacBook Pro, Intel, 32GB, love using it…. Although not as much now due to my…

2022 Mac mini M2 Pro, 32GB… this is a dream, I actually forget it’s there, as it’s instant for most tasks, and completely silent unlike my intel laptop :smile:

I’m curious if users are finding Blocs runs better or worse on either platform as well.

2019 iMac 3.6 Ghz 8 Core Intel i9
Main system. Run Blocs daily.

Laptop: M2 MacBook Air - Blocs installed, but not used much

Both still running Monterey, though I do plan to move to Sonoma at some point.

Rich the Weather Guy

I have a 2013 iMac, :woozy_face:, still great for running Blocs, but Safari is starting to become an issue with webp images not loading and other browser issues. Will have to buy something soon!

Using 3.6 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9, Radeon Pro 580X 8 GB, 72 GB 2667 MHz DDR4 but will be updating to an m2 ultra studio machine

Just have seen a review which shows the M3 Max is on par with the M2 Ultra in most performance measures.

interesting, though in design studio we would prefer the Mac studio.

Mac Studio M2 Max, upgraded from M1 iMac. It’s what I call different gravy :smile: Love it and rips through anything I will throw at it silently.

@stokerjohn M3 Mac Studio will likely come early next year I assume?

Currently on a 13-inch MacBook Pro Late 2020 (16GB RAM, M1, 512GB) after upgrading from a Late 2013 MacBook Pro (16GB RAM, i5, 256GB - late upgraded to 512GB).

Runs like a dream.

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Yes I think we as a company are holding out for these :slight_smile:

2021 16" MacBook Pro M1 Max 32GB Ram. Love it, but wish I had the new M3. Running Ventura at the moment, will upgrade to Sonoma soon. The M1 is obviously much faster than my 2015 15" MBP Intel machine.

The poll has run a week and the results are in with a small lead for Silicon, followed by Intel and then some of us using both. I was expecting a larger percentage for silicon, suggesting that many of us are using computers that are 3+ years old and yet to make the switch.

Having gone through the previous switch from PPC to Intel, I suspect those of us still on Intel will see the case for moving to Silicon become more compelling over the next 12 months and beyond as Apple and app developers shift their attention away from Intel.

The MONEY is also a consideration. Updating to new hardware does not come cheap, unless a company is paying for it.

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The support for intel machines going forward will be the issue for sure, we already see it with Sonoma supported features.

Interesting people picking the studio. I weighed up buying the studio or the mini. I went with the mini in the end after balancing the pros and cons and being able to contribute more money towards other gadgets :grinning: with the cash difference. I did get the M2 Pro though.

Out in the world, most people will see no cost / benefit for even upgrading a late model intel to an M* for a while yet. Heck my retired mother-in-law is still using a 2009 MacBook (the white plastic one), she obviously has issues with being able to do online banking now. She really only needs an iPad, but try convincing her :roll_eyes: On on the other hand, my retired mum, will be getting am M2 iMac shortly, so she can do Facebook :rofl: She wants it to go with the new house they just built :laughing:

When the support is dropped by Apple things tend to go downhill very fast. I soldiered on with a 2010 Mac Pro until 2020 and at a certain point it just became unusable on a number of apps, even if the hardware remains fine to this day. It was a similar story when a fairly new G5 Power Mac was quickly made redundant following the move from PPC to Intel.

The current mini is generally OK and runs smoothly. The only real weak spot is anything related to video editing. I’ve made some tentative attempts at working with video this year and any attempt to edit 4K is painful, so that will only be solved by new hardware.

My “normal” M2 Mac Mini is as fast as my “binned” M1 Pro MacBook Pro 14".

The new M3 Pro processors are good, if I already had a M* processor I would wait on M4 for the improved 3 nanometer architecture from TSMC.

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How about non-4K video editing? Can your mini handle that OK?
I suspect it does just fine.

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