Details in the navigation part

I have a small detail, in previous dale in the app, all good, I do not find any error, but when I export all the files and upload them to the server does not appear the colors, nor the changes, I have been a while without solving it! Someone could help me with that detail or some suggestion.

Your example is not from a remote server it’s a local file.

Update: I see it’s the preview. Looks like the styling is missing. Haven’t seen a problem like that before.

Maybe you have a class setting the bloc background to white?

@nelo Looks like a browser cache issue.
Try hold SHIFT and refresh page. Or empty browser cache or just try another web browser to see if it looks ok there.
Often when doing minor changes the browser doesn’t reload the css.

I have tried it with other browsers, but it is more the color problem, at the moment of changing the background color to any, and I see the previous in the browser, the color that I use as change if it appears

This is the background color that does not appear # 281E78

Even if I save the project and only apply that color still does not appear, it is something funny and rare.

What I have done is to look for a similar tone and I have applied it, and if it is seen in the browser, but that specific tone does not appear.

If you have one dark color at the top when preview in Blocs and not when preview in web browser you probably have conflicting classes in some way.
Maybe you’re block has a white color assigned in the global color area.

And another in the Class Manager.

I did not put any class for the background, I put it directly, it’s just that tone that does not appear, at the moment of changing the color by any other if you can see in the previous … What I did now is only to put an equal tone.

Could you PM me the bloc file?
You can delete everything not needed if you want.

Sure, send me your email to send you a wetransfer