Developing "mini-content" to paste as HTML

Hi everyone,

I am new here and new to Blocs, but it looks really promising. I tried to see if I could find an existing question on this, and wasn’t able to, but I apologize if I missed it.

In addition to building full sites in Blocs, I am interested in using Blocs to build nicely formatted “mini content” to paste as HTML into Canvas, which is an LMS that lets you paste HTML into documents such as announcements and discussion posts.

Can anyone provide advice on the best ways to use Blocs to develop content in this way?

Hi @dantini,

Blocs has an HTML Bric/addon that allows you to place snippets of custom HTML anywhere on the page.
It works probably how you’d expect based on your comment.

One step further, Bloc allows you save your individual Blocs. Remember that stacking the blocs is how you make pages. So those blocs can be saved shared and used between projects, just like page templates.

Hope this helps.

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