Diaporama et Captcha, possible?

I am a user of MUSE Adobe, but I want to change it for another application.
Question 1: Can you tell me if there are “models” to make a photo slideshow?
Question 2: Is it possible for the mail form to install a Captcha?
Thank you in advance for this information.

Je suis utilisateur de MUSE Adobe, mais je souhaite en changer pour une autre application.
Question 1 : Pouvez-vous me dire s’il existe des “modèles” pour réaliser un diaporama photo ?
Question 2 : Et-il possible, pour le formulaire de courrier d’installer un Captcha ?
Je vous remercie par avance pour ces renseignements.

There are a few options in blocs for creating slideshows. It’s very easy to create a gallery and have it display in a lightbox that allows for scrolling back and forth between the images in the gallery. You also have a carousel that can automatically play a slideshow in your web page.

As for the captcha option, this isn’t a standard feature of Blocs mail forms. The need for captchas are diminishing with many php form processing scripts able to detect spam email and filter them out. Of course, you do still get the occasional spam email that has resulted from someone physically filling out a form on your website, but these are nowhere near the nuisance they once were when a form script could be used as a spam gateway. However, if a captcha is what you need, you can incorporate any third-party form into your website that does require a captcha.

Merci et bravo pour votre réactivité et vos renseignements !
J’abuse, mais découvrant Blocs, pouvez-vous m’indiquer ou je peux visualiser une démo
d’une visionneuse et un carrousel ?
J’avais réalisé pour un site avec Muse un diaporama que vous pouvez voir
via ce lien http://www.bleudusud.com, existe-t-il ce type de diaporama sur Blocs ?


Yes, the carousel will do exactly what is shown on the site you referenced.
Here is an example

Merci, je vais consulter ce site.