Different fonts in a header

is there a way of having two different fonts in a header or a paragraph?

I need to add times new roman to a header in only one of the words in that header, not all the text.



You want 2 fonts within the title of a section?

Yep, just select the text, wrap it in span, the add a custom class to that span. Use the blue bar that appears above your selection to wrap it in span

hi bourne, thanks. can you give the span any name as a custom class? Will it work in paragraphs as well?


yes and yes, anything you want, just make sure they are different if you are looking for different effects between header and paragraph

brilliant thank you. Could you apply the same span to different text parts of the site?

yes you can if you want that formatting identical throughout the site

Hi Bourne,

Done that. I’ve loaded the font times new roman into font manager and the font is showing up, but when I’ve exported and uploaded the changes are not taking effect online.

is it because the font is not uploading with the site/



hmm not sure, sorry. Maybe try restarting blocs then exporting

will give it a try thanks