Different HTML Widget with a webgl object in a Project?

Imagine you have a webgl object on the LG page. But what about if you want to have a smaller or another webgl object on the MD, SM or XS page.
The webgl object will be inserted with a embed scene code from a server.

Although you can hide things at different break points, that does stop any code from running.


So you could use a combination of hiding at breakpoints and also apparently wrappings your code in something like this…

if($(window).width() > 1200) { myCode }

(I haven’t used this myself though)

So you mean all to put in the Edit Code Settings?

I haven’t used it personally, @Pealco maybe able to confirm, or have a better suggestion.

Hell @Malachiman and @yellow.

Is creating different pages for different break points doable for you @yellow? If so, you can force a specific equipment to go to a specific page, I think is the best solution for you…

You can see a example of that in here:


Interesting @Pealco. How does that effect SEO?

Hello @Malachiman, I don’t know exactly how is the report from SEO as in this specific site I have a script to force to landscape equipments, and the report from SEO in mobile shows this:

But I assume that as you have SEO replicated from the “desktop” version and the “mobile” version it will not have any problem, as the bots from mobile simulations, redirect automatically for the “mobile version”.

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Ohh i see it seems to have a solution. I will of course try that and give you a reply… thanks in advance

I tried with your code settings, but… i don’t get it to work. The problem is you have a project with your webgl object that should work on all pages (LG, MD, SM, XS…). But as i unterstand you can only use
1 object for all pages and not different objects on the pages you like. So what do do?

No solution?