Disabling Google Fonts - still lots of manual work to do

So I have a lot of websites for companies in Europe/Germany. Because of a new court ruling I have to completely remove any links to fonts.google.com, and replace everything with local fonts.

I am discovering that this is a lot of work.

First I added local fonts to the in the global fonts manager in Blocs preferences. Then I opened my project and unchecked “enable Google fonts”. Then I wen through all the typefaces in the project settings and selected the local fonts.

I thought this would be enough, but it’s not. I am still seeing the link to fonts.google in the head tag.

Now I’ve discovered that the reason for this is that every css style has to be manually checked and set to the corresponding local font. Oh boy :sweat:

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… and don’t forget to delete all google fonts in the Blocs Font Manager.

check!:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Update: so it would seem that there is really no advantage to setting fonts in the project settings box. Why do I say that?
Here’s an example: I set a standard font for H1 in the project settings “myfont”. At some point I made a custom class for H1 “header-red” and I set the font color and background color. I did not change to font setting.

Now I changed the standard font for H1 in the project settings from “myfont” to “yourfont”.
However, if I open the custom CSS class “header-red” the font shown is still the old font “myfont”.

it would make sense to me if I haven’t changed a font in a custom CSS class, it should always get the font set in the project settings.

Hi @gary. If understood correctly it actually makes perfect sense. When setting a standard font in the project it’s applied to the HTML tag:

When you apply a class it’s nested inside the HTML tag and you technically create a conflict in which the higher priority one takes precedence (your custom class).

Thanks Jerry, for your input. However, it seems I am having a problem with custom classes sometimes where I didn’t set a font style, only a color.

Is this correct?:

  1. I set a font in the project settings (for example myfont1 for all H2 tags)
  2. I create a custom class some content with the H2 tag, and I only change the color. I don’t set a custom font, just change the color.
  3. I go back to the project settings and change the font for H2 to “myfont2”.
  4. The H2 content that has the custom class (font color only) should show the new font.

I’m not Jerry, but it seems correct to me.


And I’m not @Eldar :rofl: but that’s correct for me as well! :+1:

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:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Sorry Eldar!

thanks Elda … ah, Jerry! :wink: