Disappearing Classes?

Good day everyone. I’m sitting with a very weird situation. I’m going to try my best to explain it.

I’ve got a couple of text blocks in one column, each with about three words in them. I want to use a different font and font size for each text block. I then continue to create a class for each of the text blocs in order for me to customize each one to have a different font and font size.

To my confusion the classes doesn’t seem to ‘stick’ to their individual text blocks. They would just not be there anymore when I select the text block again. In other words, I would create a class called “firsttext” for the first line of text, customise it and then move to the next text bloc and repeat the customisation. When I click on the first text block again (with class-name “firsttext”) the class field is empty. It is still displaying the customised text, but the class field is empty, leaving me to wonder how I should go about adjusting the class without heading towards the class manager.

Also, sometimes if I change text block settings in the Type Setting (right hand bar) it changes all of my text block’s type settings. Not only that when I try to change font size via a class it simply doesn’t want to take sometimes, then when I change it in the Type Settings, it changes all the text block’s size. I’ve very confused and lost with this whole situation. I have reinstalled Blocs (using AppCleaner), but no changes.

Is this normal? Am I missing something?

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is quote a urgent call for help :wink: Thanks!

The side bar options control the all text objects within that bloc with the selected tag, so if you have a header 3 selected any changes made via the sidebar will effect all header 3 items inside that Bloc. Think of the sidebar as speed controls, they edit in bulk for general scenarios when you want all of your h3 or paragraphs to look the same within a bloc, if you require different styles for text, either use a different header level or a custom class to style a specific item only.

It sounds like you are using spans within a header to set different font sizes on words. But you mention that the sidebar controls are overriding the spans custom classes, this is correct, you need to clear the text values set in the sidebar in order to give text a style that is un-effected by the general text style for that Bloc. In the sidebar text settings to the right of the title is a little cross icon, that button clears the text settings for that item within a bloc then your custom class will come through.

As for the class not sticking, that may be a bug. I’ll do some tests but it may be something specific with your file I would need to look at.

@Norm thank you so much for getting back to me - legendary! I know you must be crazy busy with the latest beta. I really appreciate your help. I’ll implement your suggestions and get back to you in the next day or two. Have a great day!

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no worries :slight_smile: