Display Grid

In the Blocs documents grids are mentioned:
“Blocs is able to display basic page layout guides, to toggle these guides on and off use the keyboard shortcut G when in design mode.”

Has this been omitted from 2.3 beta 12 as I cant get it to work?


It’s not working correctly so its switched off in the current version of Blocs, it will be returning very soon.

Thanks for the heads up.

@norm, just curious what was this mythical grid? I thought I had likewise seen it talked about on the old forum also (or somewhere), but never seen it in app. I can’t seem to find any screenshots from previous versions showing it either.

What exactly is / was this ? Sorry just curious. :wink:

It’s just the standard bootstrap grid, for 12 columns. It should be back at some point after 2.4.