hi all.
is there a way to make the divider line thicker, change color etc. I tried a custom class with no succes.

Regards Rob

Hi Rob,

I stopped using the divider bric, instead I found it much much easier to just open say a paragraph bric and remove all text - and then create a class - call it what you want, mine is Divider or Line.

And create it in the class - change colour, size, width etc…so so much easier!


Thanks. That’s an idea.

That is a great idea Adie!

Rich the Weather Guy

Although that works, having a p tag without content probably is not the best.

The divider bric is very easy to style.

EDIT: before someone asks. The divider bric has 2 classes, one in the main div and the second is in a span.

To change the colour of the divider, you just make a class called divider and set the border-color. Thats it.

The divider uses border-top. So you can set the width to change the thickness.

Use the class divider-h to set padding/margins and width etc.