Do I need to login for bolt blog/gallery

@Jannis . May be a daft question so please forgive me.

I have sitelok (which is awesome) for a members area on my site. I’ve been asked whether it is possible to add the blog and gallery functionality into this members area without someone having to login.

Essentially they’ve already logged into the members area with sitelok, so if I had a blog/gallery type page can they (anyone) then upload/create their own blog/gallery without needing to log into the bolt part?

Hope that makes sense?

Bolt? Volt?

No, that’s not possible and will not be added.

Ok, so the only way to get people to add their own gallery/blog would be to use the volt login give everyone the password and allow them to do it that way?I wound if this can be added in the members area that is locked by sitelok

Sorry yes volt, auto correct on iPhone.