Does Blocs 3 add an iframe?

@Malachiman kindly pointed out HTML showing everything in an iframe, why?
I didn’t, not with knowing, do that. The website is

Like everyone else I make a Bloc, add a Column and add a Text Element. I have no idea why there an iFrame is in there. Is Blocs 3.2.1 exporting that way?
How do I get it out of the iframe?

Hi @KBConcepts
strange … I also check some pages that I have done. And the code from the pages not look like your code :thinking:

It is strange for sure.

Hello @KBConcepts the problem is that you have redirects, it is your host that make that:

You have the domain: redirecting from

And then you have the register in different domain:

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Interesting, @Pealco, so because I have re-directs my Nav Toggle does not show up on the 2 smaller breakpoints?
Last year I combined my armingchampions and armwresting on one account.

If I was you, and if you only want one principal domain, I make the site for that specific domain, and put the content in the root of the domain in html_public folder, then go to redirects and make the secondary domains redirect to the primary one, and not using subfolders.

That kind of things make me some issues in my early times with domains and websites.

That’s interesting @Pealco, I haven’t seen that before.

Not sure I understand that @Pealco, but it sure is interesting.
My root Folder is htdocs. Before that I don’t see any html_public folder.
Why are none of my other SubFolders not having issues with my Blocs project do you think?

I made a Folder (armwrestling) before htdocs. I assume this is what you were referring to an “html_public folder”. I tried it in the Browser like this, /armwrestling/ArmWrestlingTraining/index.html but it does not lead anywhere.