Domain - when is available, but .com is not?

Hi all,

This is just a general question. I am looking at buying 2 new domain names for some small side businesses and i want to name then which is available, but .com is taken and its run in USA so not an issue for me - BUT been reading this can have an effect on SEO and getting the name higher in the rankings.

To be honest, their .com is hardly used and they do not do much around it - but would you run with the only. Its hard to get all areas covered, but .com and seem to be the main ones.

I bought a domain for a client a few months back and they insisted I get and .com for this reason too and also so no one can copy them in terms of name.

What is your view?

Here is a quote directly from Google:

Using a new domain ending will not hurt your search presence. It’s worth noting that in the eyes of Google and other search engines, all TLDs are equal. A new TLD will not affect your search engine ranking, or put it lower in the list of websites that appear based on a search.

So, it doesn’t matter what TLD you use, google is not going to rank the site any lower because of the domain extension. There is, however, the issue of longevity of a domain name. It may well be that a .com version of the domain has been around longer and therefore gets some additional points from search engines. But, it all depends on the underlying websites and what they have been established for. Clearly, if you have two sites with different domain extensions and they are both promoting the same type of business - then the one that’s been around longest will most likely fair better in search results. If the businesses are completely different, longevity shouldn’t come into the picture because the search terms used to find a particular domain will be different, as too will the site content.

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thanks for the reply.

To be fair - they are offering the same service, they they haven’t done anything on there website and social for a few years, and it now directs to a button for a new domain, so they have stopped that side. But the side is much more what i want for my side.

Oh yeah - they are in USA too - i’m in UK, so no country conflict of business.

I guess it should be all clear to go !

If your customer base is substantially or entirely in the UK then would actually be better, because clients are more likely to click through when seeing the link.

hi @Flashman, yeah its 100% UK based. I have bought the domain just - going to do same to another one now.

I’ve had the conundrum recently of .uk or and in most cases ended up buying both with a redirect in place.