Don't see Background Images

Hi …
I have made an update to Blocs 4.5.3
Inside Blocs I see images in the background - but in preview or upload to the browser I don’t see the image!?! What’s wrong here ?

Hey, @tom2.
Thanks to share a link to assist. Without more detailed info it will be challenging to help.

I have the same issue. But I thought it was due to the trial version. I am waiting for blocs 5 to purchase

I can only see the background images in preview

Embedded or linked assets?

Hi @Jerry

the page is not online at the moment. All my projects don’t show a background image. Also when I do a new project
I try to do a short video

Hi @Malachiman

The Images are embedded …In the asset Manager I click the + and add local assest

Is there a way to install the old version ?

They can still be linked that way.

Submit a bug report to Norm. With details like that.

okay - thanks

Re-installed blocs 4.5.2 - now it works