Double divider


So I’m buildning a new site and want a divider to separate things. I’ve used the divider several times and all of a sudden I have two dividers. I cannot find any settings to change this, and it seems to be only in this project.

Anyone else that has run into this?

Hej @calerius

Det där ser konstigt ut…

Do you have some class added to the divider line or a class called “divider” in the Class Manager?
Also have you updated to the latest 2.4.4?
Try restarting Blocs and see if the issue is still there.
Try a new blank project and add a divider, does it produce the double line there to?

Just a few thoughts :sunglasses:


Jo, det tycker jag med. Aldrig sett det förut i något annat projekt. :confused:

No, no custom classes.
Just updated to 2.4.4 and the problem is still there, removed the divider and added it on another page, it’s still double. :frowning:
It only occurs in this project, when I create a new one the divider is correct…

I guess I will have to recreate the site.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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