Double image in Bloc column

I have a three column block, with a picture and some text beneath. For some reason, one of my pages is showing a photo twice. If I remove the jpg from the asset manager, the page shows a single empty space, so it is not inserted in the page twice! View mode V shows it only once. Preview in browser B shows it twice [tested in Firefox, Chrome and Safari on a Mac; Safari on an iPad and Chrome on an Android phone…all show the double image].
Here it is:
Here is how it should look:
There are some cosmetic differences between these sites, like margins and head space but otherwise they use the same design and images. The Spanish [] site is newer.

I am still in Blocs training. TIA for any guidance here!


Sometimes if you can’t figure out why its doing things like this it’s easier just to recreate it by adding a new blank three column block just above the one your having trouble with.

Add the new images and then ust drag the text from the one below.


Yes, you’re right, of course. There are lots of little things like this that bug me, though! Like pictures disappearing from pages and the asset manager maintaining ghosts of deleted images. I really like this product but I get frustrated with it, at times!

Thanks for the comment!

I think all programs have little bugs but overall Blocs does a really nice job and is very stable. A web designer uses the product in many different methods. The more you use Blocs you’ll find little things that work for you. I can tell you that Blocs have matured from version 1 and we can expect big things when Blocs 3 is launched.


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@LeeHamm you’re not alone. have the same issue with the odd double image or an image that doesn’t appear in the project but which is still present in the HTML export. @casey1823 is right, I’ve found that rather than get tied up trying to figure it out it’s faster to pop in a new brick and add the assets again.