Dowlnoading update hangs

The last 2 times a new update to Blocs has been released, the download hangs at around 27 MB and takes forever to download the last 2 MB. I am downloading over a 400 Mbit line …

I should add that the download never completes - that is to say, I get tired of waiting after about 10-15 minutes and abort the update …

Strange, I always test it on a bunch of macs and have never had this problem. It could be a number of issues other than the actual software.

I had problems with the latest update to 2.6.2 and sent in a support ticket. It kept reverting to 2.6.1. It was solved by downloading the standalone installer.

Same here.

fixed that :+1:

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please send me a link to the standalone installer.

Download the trial from the home page at

It should pick up your license and work normally.

thanks for the tip!