Download an ics event file

Since, blocs does not support download of an ics file, what is the best way to click on a button to download an ics event file?


Zip it. Blocs supports zip files.

@Norm. Thanks that worked fine for macOS but not so well for IOS. IOS put the download in iCloud Drive and I could not find a way to add it to the calendar…

This addition is not a big thing, to have I was just hoping there were be an easy way to download an event where the user could add to their Calendar for any platform.

Is this something Blocs might support this file type in future updates?


So an ICS file downloaded on IOS goes directly into the calendar app?

No not directly… but if I email the ics file and open the email and click on the ics attachment there is an option to add to calendar on iPhone or iPad…

That is basically the action I was looking for by downloading an ics file using blocs.


ok I’ll give it a shot.