Dropdown menu nightmare

i’m making a website for my B&B in France and I have problems with dropdown menu.

The structure of the site is:
A top global area where there are only flags, one for each language. Every flag point to the homepage in the right language.
In every page there is a top menu different for every language. In every menu there is a dropdown menu with several rooms linked.

I made en example test project to show the problem, you can DL it here:

You can see the test site here:

I used icons to simulate flags (so the images are not necessary for the test).
The left icon point to the index.html, the English Homepage.
There are 3 english pages, Home, 1 and 2.
The right icon point to italian version of the files (Home_IT, 1_IT and 2_IT)
In the english menu there is the dropdown menu Rooms with 1 and 2 page listed.
In the italian menu there is the dropdown menu Camere with 1_it and 2_it page listed.

Summarizing there are 4 menu in the project, Primary Menu (for the english pages), Home_IT (for the italian pages), Rooms (with the rooms in english) and Camere (with the rooms in italian).

If you try to use the menu you will find what goes wrong, sometimes the dropdown menu is not showed at all and sometimes the links goes to the wrong page!)
If you want to see the dropdown menu you have to use the direct links to the 2 and 2_it pages

I think that i made a right work but it don’t work as expected…


I tried EVERYTHING and i’m going crazy.
I’m using the 2.3.1 of Blocs.

The menu manager can sometimes have sync issues. Something to try is setting the menu feed per object to none, then back to the menu you want to use.

If some menu item labels use special characters, this may also cause issues. I’ll pick this up when I’m back in the office next week. File a bug report with all data if you don’t get to the botttom of it.

Thank you very much Norm, i really need a solution.

I take this opportunity to wish a Happy Easter to you and your family.


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No problem and thank you also. I hope you Enjoy Easter too :smiley:

Hi Norm,
do you have any news for me?

My Best

I’ve tried to re-create the issue but with no joy so far. Could you DM me the blocs project with details on which menus are breaking so I can try to replicate it.

In the original message of this thread there are links and explanations…
The only working dropdown menus are
I tried a workaround in my real project, i can get a working dd menu putting source to ‘none’ and manually placing the dd menu in the list. as you can understand is very annoying, consider that every page have its menu and if you want to modify something you must work in every page…
i have to place a menu every page because is a multilingual website

Yes I need the Blocs project file not the live sites. You can message it to me via the forum.