Dropdown menu on hover setting?

Well, I just built my first menu in Blocs 3. So far, it’s SO MUCH EASIER than Blocs 2! (great job @Norm & co). (see screenshot). Wondering @Norm, if I can EASILY make the dropdown menu activate on hover rather than click?

Can you share how you did this please @Creative (How you styled the drop downs)

There is a YouTube vid on how to accomplish what you want. https://youtu.be/3QoPFRVxGmI


@bourne, it was actually very straightforward withBlocs 3. Just select the element you want to style, create a custom class, and adjust the settings in the class dialog. I just didn’t see any easy way to activate the drop-down on hover. Thanks for sharing the video. I’ve seen (and used) it before. Am holding out hope that @Norm has provided an easier way in Blocs 3. @Norm, I’d suggest making the menu activate on hover as the default behavior as that is very typical behavior today.

I think it’s setup this way to make things always compatible with touch screens where no hover is available.

Both hover and click should be honored at the same time when there is a dropdown menu so wide screen touch devices will be still work.

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@Whittfield, Good point. I agree. There should be an easy setting to toggle between click or hover activation.