Duplicates of images folder when exporting as OctoberCMS theme


When I export the project as OctoberCMS theme on blocs 2.6.2 using File > Export > Export Project to new location, all the images are stored into assets/images folder. Then, if I overwrite to the existing folder (previously exported location), blocs creates the new assets/img folder and duplicates all the images. assets/images and assets/img folders contains almost same but slightly different files. Some of the image links are broken if I upload this theme to OctoberCMS’s theme folder. The broken links target img folder, while live links target assets/images folder. The example of these folders is shown below:

Currently every time I delete theme folder and always export to the new location. However, as you know, since OctoberCMS adds codes of ‘components configuration’ at the beginning of .htm files and there’s no way to add user codes to the Configuration Section of the page template file on blocs 2.6.2, I have to add my codes for every file every time I export. It’s a bit harmful.

1 Can I export to the existing location (for OctoberCMS project)?
2 Can I add my own code to the Configuration Section of the OctoberCMS page template file?
(it would be very helpful to develop theme iteratively)

Thanks in advance.