Duplicating pages issue.. not idea

Hi guys!I think I had read this before from someone here but I think the question was not solved.
I am sure Blocs can do thi super simple, I’m just so newbie that I have no idea.
So, I got a page in english (Home) and I duplicated the page to have an Italian page.
Both of them I want them to be the almost the same. The only things that changes are obviously the language and some different pictures and in the Italian page 1 less bloc… when I do this, the original English page also changes as same as the Italian page and vice-versa.
No clue… how do I prevent this for happening. version 3
I am sure is easy but I don’t know where is that option to prevent it.
Many thanks!

I want to mentioned (sorry I forgot) that the pictures and the blocs in the Italian page are NOT in the global area. even the Italian text of course. thanks! :blush:

For some reason Blocs think you work in a global area. Perhaps check in the tree if your dynamic part is not put in the global containers.

OK thanks for your help! i will try!

Sounds like you are changing the content in the global areas. I recommend reading this knowledge base post on them.

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Thanks I will try follow the step by step…
AT this moment what I did was just to create 2 separate documents…