Duplicating pages--problem

Hi all, this is my second website using Blocs (latest update). I duplicated my home page after getting all the design, fonts, colors etc. set. I created two more pages (using duplicate option).

I named every bloc on all three pages with a unique bloc name. However, at some point, the paragraphs and headers on my second page were transposed to the first one. This is not in the global header or footer section, but the middle body section.

It’s also not universally switching-- ie. the hero image and headline remained unique on each page, but the headers and paragraphs in remaining blocs switched as I was working on the new page…

How do I prevent this from happening? Will it happen if I save the first page as a template and then modify a copy for the other pages? Or do I just need to redo each page from scratch?

Not sure how to move forward with the project using duplicate page or template.

I have the same problem. Used to working with Master Pages or Template pages.

I think this was a bug at one time and I experienced something similar. It should be gone by now if you are using the latest version.

Using the latest version (3.1.2) of Blocs am have experienced the same problem. I’m now having to completely rebuild my site based on individual pages instead.