My issue is incredible. I’m trying to make a structure with a homepage and when i create a second blank page, it’s a clone and every action on the first is mirrored on the second. I’m lost !


Make sure you place the content in dynamic area, which is between two blue lines. Everything above the first line is global header area and everything under the second blue line is global footer area. Everything you place in global areas will appear on all pages you create.

If you are new to Blocs, check my free course explaining things like this.


I’m totally new and testing your software. I’ll try to improve my knowledges.

It’s not my software, I just create courses on BlocsMaster.com, and templates on BlocsTemplates.com.

If you ever need any help, always happy to assist with anything I can!

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Anyway, thanks a lot. Easy to understand and to use now !

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