Dynamic side elements

I am trying to rebuild this page which was built using another site builder.

any thoughts on how I can create these side elements?

thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hey @Nzfudge

Welcome back fellow kiwi.

You can do this several ways.

Are you wanting to replicate it exactly?

The way it’s currently made is there are two sections.

  1. Tab buttons (only used on larger displays)
  2. Content

The tabs are toggling content visibility.

Inside the content there is another Tab for each section of content, that only becomes visible on smaller displays, thats how they have the content fit between the tabs.

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doesn’t have to be exact, but the clients like the way it flows… do you have another idea in mind to make that content flow?

Of course, I have some ideas. Although this isn’t my client :wink:

There is a big advantage with this job though, you already have a lot of content to exploit. I am in the process with a client right now, and content is miserable.

Just use the regular Blocs Tablist for this.
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Just split the list and content into two columns.

Until you go to smaller breakpoints :smiley:

Not necessarily with a little bit of effort.

But it’s pretty close :grin:


I use Tab Anything Pro on my site to create what you are looking for.
I would suggest that Bric.

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