E-Commerce Integration

hi pulse

great video but where can we find the initial code to be copied into our blocs site and then edit as we need.

Thanks @pauland - it just means we’re not running that download anymore and it’s just a concept now to show you what can be done in Blocs :slight_smile:

@veggienut: As above + I’m sure there’ll be other similar and cooler ways from the community to do PayPal shops in Blocs soon :+1:

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You can do it very easy, If you creat an account by PayPal, Create your buttons with products and prices, shipping cost and so on, You can create your own Button also.
After you have created a button / products, copy the Html code from the PayPal button, then create a Html snippet in Blocs an then paste the code, and then you have your Shop, doesen´t cost a penny, You have also to create an Cart so the visitor can easily check the Status check this link https://gup.se/kladgalge-simple-galge-metall.html

Good luck
Cheers Lars

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Your 100% right. It works great. I been using it on a few of my sites without any problem. You can setup a shipping calculator and it saves every button you make. Iif you want any price changes you just have to find the saved button, change the price and insert the new code.

The best part is yes, it cost nothing to setup.


@Paug This is easy to implement but I came across an issue with the positioning of the button. How do do you change the positioning of the PayPal button within the HTML Widget in Blocs? I cannot figure it out and I’d like to center it under the product picture. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

@tom Sorry Tom i haven´t seen it before, I am not an regular visitor at the forum.
To adjust the BUY button, just click once on the button and then create a class as Button-adjust
and use the margin tool to center your button.



Hi Lars,

Can you please explain when you say “You have also to create an Cart so the visitor can easily check the Status”

Thank you


Greetings. Can you help with a shopping cart or share a minicard.js? Thanks you. I am doing a shop project in a block.

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How is this project going? I am very interested in something like this!

Same here!

I’ve found Stiva Shopping Cart from PHP Jabbers to be one of the easiest self hosted solutions to add to a blocs site. It has a number of payment options built in. You install it into a subdirectory of your site (the company will do it for you if you don’t now how to install web apps). Once installed, log into your admin area and set up your shop however you like. The admin area also has an option to generate the code needed to add to your Blocs page in an HTML bric. It costs about €46 but comes with a multi-site licence so you can use it many times on different sites. The embed code essentially displays the home page of your shopping cart inside your Blocs page. It’s also fully responsive.


Thanks Hendon,
I just did a sneak peak… looks promising!! Next week I have more time and will dive into that!!!

I have a lot of positive comments about PHP jabbers shopping solutions.