E-Commerce Integration

Any idea how to implement an e-commerce integration on Blocs? Thank you :slight_smile:

I think it would be helpful if we had more information about what you need. In some cases it can be as easy as a URL link to a shopping cart page hosted by a billing company. At other times it can be much more complex.

Something like a carr integration would do. Not only a button and then link… :slight_smile:

You easily add PayPal items to a page using a HTML brick. You can customize the look to use any image you want instead of the default PayPal buttons.


The issue with the phrase eCommerce Integration is that it it means so many things and covers a huge area. There are excellent online eCommerce solutions that just require a simple link to them and as this is a growing and constantly developing area, this may be the solution for many Blocs users. Also I think many users are looking for an eCommerce solution but are not willing to pay the going rate for what is often a complex system. If you need a good system then you should expect to pay for it, but if the sales don’t warrant such a system, then the eCommerce solution should be simplified.

Where it would make sense for Blocs, would be to offer a “degree” of integration by offering extra Button options to link to popular payment or eCommerce systems. Paypal and Paddle are 2 well know good examples of this that don’t require much setup but what is required is often beyond many. So by having a button option that links to PayPal or Paddle with the relevant Vendor ID, price, product ID, etc configured in the Button settings options, would be a very useful way to make this easy. All thats need is usually some short code and some JS which is all ideal for an app such as Blocs to setup and shield the user from the background stuff.

Also this offers a perceived eCommerce integration to Blocs and takes it beyond what the competition offers (as a standard product).


I use FastSpring and it involves simply creating a link on my site to a billing page they created in the style of my site, however that does not mean the solution itself is limited. They offer payment options in multiple languages and currencies, plus they allow customers to pay by alternative methods that are often the only available option in some countries. As a result I now make sales in places that were never possible previously. In addition they take care of all the tax issues, including the dreaded EU VAT on digital downloads.

The point really is that a good billing solution does cost money, but it makes your life so much easier and probably pays for itself through increased sales. I once sold online via an e-junkie shopping cart linked to PayPal and it appeared very cheap at first, however hidden costs, downtime and complex accounting made it a real pain in the neck.

It’s possible that Blocs could come up with some integrated options for some of the better known billing options. I recall that Will Woodgate came up with a solution of this kind for e-junkie with Rapidweaver, but it would remain to be seen just how closely integrated a system like that could be. The problem I can see is that billing companies make changes that are often dictated by regulation so any plugin interface may need to be regularly updated to remain compliant.

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Just starting testing Blocs. Now a Webflow addict.
Looks promising, but the first and big set-back is not the possibility to add
Javascript embed… This is a 100% need.

I case of ecommerce then you could add the Shopify button integration.
This works very good.

Hope this Javascript can be embedded soon…


@rliebrand you can embed JS in the HTML widget, just be careful and keep backups of files as the widget is recommended for HTML use only but can be used with JS too. You can also add JS to the head and tail of each page via the page settings, addition code.

Hi Norm,

Nice work on this app!
Tried this with a Shopify button to test e-commerce option.
On an simple page with just one bloc it creates a lot of extra space above the bloc.

Created a test on Businesscatalyst hosting:
example test

Seems the snippet is creating two iframes stacked, once you delete the first iframe it looks fine? Not familiar with shopify snippets so not sure if thats a typo from you or a feature from shopify?

@rliebrand, @norm

Quick evaluation:

Instead of inserting an iFrame via Blocs HTML widget, just instead insert a plain DIV for the Shopify JS code you placed in the page head too reference. As discussed here: “Add script tags separately”.

So in your example case, it would just be the following that would need to be pasted into the HTML widget inside of Blocs.

<div id="product-component-15e96f08ee2"</div>

The “https://sdks.shopifycdn.com/buy-button/latest/buy-button-storefront.min.js” seems to work by using that DIV reference and creating its own iFrame. So when your using an iFrame in Blocs like you tried - vs - just the straight DIV approach described above, that is where the stacked or double iFrames occur that you’re experiencing and see.

Hope it helps your efforts and testing.



Thanks, wil test it. But I see that i need to do this in the Beta version of Blocs. (for the div).
Wil let you guys know if it works.

It’s my first day with Blocs so…
I’m used to work with Webflow and Shopify so a bit fiddeling around.


You’re welcome.

What? I assume you mean the new DIV container Bric in Blocs 2.3 Beta?

However, I was speaking of the HTML Widget Bric that is already in Blocs 2.2 (and still in 2.3) and just pasting that simple DIV reference I showed above instead of the iFrame reference you originally used into the HTML Bric for your example.

Hope it helps.

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That worked wit the example code from Shopify. Shall take a look at the code from the real webshop and test.


I’m also trying to add a Shopify button, but is seems that Blocs is adding a blank iframe automatically when I use the HTML widget in Blocs.
How can I use the HTML widget without having that blank space inserted? See the webpage here http://caldwellequipment.com/shop.html

Anyone used this or tested it yet?


@KBConcepts how did you achieve this?

Contact: Michael Frankland
Yuzoolthemes Support

Thanks @KBConcepts & @mackyangeles

We put together a little Blocs shopping cart (PayPal) project and made a video of it:

At the moment though it’s be paused but if there’s enough interest in it and demand, we might release it again :slight_smile:


I wish I understood what that meant…

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