Easybook guestbook for Joomla

For a new project I need to add a guestbook. The customer is using the Easybook Reloaded guestbook component for Joomla.
Is there anyone who knows if I can add this to a website?

Easybook Reloaded is a Joomla plugin which means it needs a Joomla website to function. If you want a similar feature in a Blocs site, you will have to implement an alternative option. There are some choices of scripts that can integrate into a Blocs website - you just need to be clear on what it is exactly you want site visitors to do on the site. For example, it maybe that you want visitors to rate products or services with an option of writing a short review. Or, it may be you need a feedback option. If you can be a little clearer on what you are trying to achieve, we may be able to recommend something that will be easy to add to a Blocs website.

It is an Guestbook which he use on his old website and I need to add it in the new blocs website if possible. So you think it can’t be done?

@hendon52 said you need a bit more clarification. It’s likely their current Guestbook is a joomla only solution. But it’s possible to add an alternative solution to a Blocs site.
What you use will depend on their needs. If you need to migrate their existing content, that could be more complex based on their current implementation.