eCommerce solutions

Are there any solutions like on Tilda or Webflow that let you make small online shop using Brics? Would be nice to see some video about this. All I found here are strange solutions with third-party app. Pls help:))) If there are any such easy solutions as usage of Blocs pls give me a link.

PS I saw videos with an explanation of PayPal methods and some from Blocs Guy. But it’s a bit complicated.

Hi @Liberius,

Do you want to create a shop for digital products, services, or physical products?

My client asks me to add the payment method on the page and add the form to fulfill delivery address… I saw a few methods, including yours, but looks a bit complicated. There is nothing from package or in the template store, right?

It will be the book (I guess only one), but anyway we need a form to give us address before payment.

I recommend the ecwid platform is a very good ecommerce and you just have to add the widget to blockapp, it has endless functions and you can add stylos etc!

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