Ecwid/Stripe problem with Apple Pay authorisation

Hi. I have just embedded a very simple shop in my website using Ecwid and connected it with Stripe, as I want to enable Google Pay and Apple Pay.

It works fine, except for Apple Pay. I have spent some time with Ecwid support and it turns out because the shop is on my domain I need to verify it.

These are the instructions on the Ecwid page:

Obtain the verification file

To enable Apple Pay on that domain, you need to verify ownership of the domain with a verification file.

Download verification file‍

Upload the verification file to your website

Host the verification file on your website in the following location:

Verify Uploaded File

How to upload the verification file

  1. Sign in to the backend or file manager of your website that allows file uploads.
  2. Upload the verification file so that the file location on your website matches the verification address specified above.
  3. Select “Verify Uploaded File” to complete the verification and enable Apple Pay.

I am not sure where on my Blocs file to upload the file to. When I go to Project settings the file is not clickable (not the correct format?).

Can anybody help me with this, please? Thank you.

If it makes it easier my site is

I appreciate your help!


This is to be done as per the instructions that you have been given. Transfer the file to the correct place using your FTP client.

Blocsapp should not be involved in any of this.

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hi ~ okay. that’s partially helpful. i can upload a file via FTP manager, no problem.

but how do i create the location?

i am sorry, i am quite new to this. i don’t mind learning but need some help.

thank you :slight_smile:

Your FTP/website server management software should allow you to create directories/locations. Exactly how depends on what software you use/have available.

It’s easy with filezilla.

Create a folder called:

Stick the file:

inside the folder you created… Upload it to your public/html folder (not inside any folder).

Then put the dot in front of the folder name - this makes it invisible


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thank you @strathq ~ that’s what i needed!! i use FileZilla and this should make it work. i appreciate your help!

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Yes, @strathq. It works! Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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