Edit Google translate - appearance and default translation

I would like to know how to customize the design of Google Translator. For example, only a white arrow and only abbreviations of countries (EN, CS, ES) and I still need advice on how to set the code in the code so that the website is in the default language Spanish

Google Translate Button /*google translate Dropdown */ #google_translate_element select{ background:#f6edfd; color:#0272AA; border: none; border-radius:1px; padding:8px 8px } /*google translate link | logo */ .goog-logo-link{ display:none!important; } .goog-te-gadget{ color:transparent!important; } /* google translate banner-frame */ .goog-te-banner-frame{ display:none !important; }

Lots of info online for doing this.

For setting the language you will find the JavaScript here. Just amend the pageLanguage option. (Also the same source I linked you to in your last post about this)

For setting the languages you like, there is an option you can add to the JavaScript. Added next to the language option. Add / remove the languages you want.

includedLanguages: 'af,ach,ak,am,ar,az,be,bem,bg,bh,bn,br',
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Thank you very much for the great advice. I would like the shading not to be seen and after pasting on the web the text select language + arrows was only white. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to make the base transparent and without shadow.

Regarding languages: I need a website coded into the Czech version from automatically translated into Spanish after loading the web pages

As above. Set the options in the script. Give it a go.

For SEO, is it a good solution to use Google to translate my website?
Is it preferable, as is my case, to make a website by language?
In addition, machine translation can be improved.
What is your opinion?

I think if my business was targeting a specific language I would build a site in that language.

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Well, I would also create this website in the target language, but the client has a different opinion. Unfortunately, I did not find how to have the website in the Czech language translated into Spanish after loading. I found how to display specific languages in the blind