Editor code pb (since update ?)?

Hi there,

Is it me or do you also have some problem with customized styles in Editor code that are uneffective in browser ?
I do some very very very basic change on file from scratch (…), and nothing. :roll_eyes:
Not only there, tried a basic change in a project that was uneffective ; because so basic (sure of me) I then tried it on an empty poroject, then ok , and when re-opening the earlier project, it was then ok (wtf).

As eg :

  1. An ID to the bloc footer : #footer

  2. Then padding, color text, text-decoration (that is underlined by defrault) : none, etc.

  3. And nothing in browser

  4. Tried also with variation just to be sure : no idea but style, .sitemap etc… still nothing.

If you have also some probs with editor code or an idea I’m taker, thank you.

Live URL please…

I’ll tomorrow (off…)
Just saw something : code was ~green, then a simple Enter, it becomes ~purple, then back with exact same code (space, indent, code) as when it was in ~green, and it works. Maybe in this extent ?
Verified twice same way with another class (h1 and h2…)

Short eg, Hr code green, and Hr still by default in browser…