Eliminating blank space on mobile


      First, thanks to everyone espec ially Norm for being supportive.  I, like many who use blocks, am not a coder.

      So, here's the issue.

     I intentionallly created my pages with blank space/empty bricks on either side of my main content in the main body area, basically 15%x70%x15% sizing.  When viewed on a pc this looks great.  When viewed on a phone, not so much.  There are large gaps because the responsive mode is just dropping dowwn those blank elements, as the app was designed to do.  I've tried making the elements non viewable, but alas, an empty block made non viewable still takes up space and you still have these large gaps.

   So the question is, how to i eliminate these gaps in mobile viewing?  

The best way to control white space is to create a custom class for the Bloc. Set the sidebar padding to none for the Bloc. Then adjust the top and bottom padding on the desktop, tablet and mobile breakpoint.


I’ll give it a try and let you know. Thanks!

Okay so I guess I need a bit more detail. This does not seem to be working.

Just wondering? Is the image in its own Bloc or is it nestled within the text Bloc?


In it’s own block.

Did you try moving the image down in to the text Bloc? (not in it’s own bloc)