Email link


Hi there

Just need to create an email link. just can’t seem to find out how to do it!


Email roll over

mailto:[email address]

But to avoid spam you may want to obfuscate that a bit. Google “mail url encoding” for more information.


If you use CloudFlare there is an option to obfuscate email addresses automatically and I vaguely recall Norm saying on the old forum that he was working on adding this to Blocs.


Thanks for that. How do you add it to a bloc? Seems such a simple thing but I must be missing something clearly


You wouldn’t. You would assign it to a bric; anything that supports interactions. In which case you would use the ‘navigate to url’ option and enter the mailto url.


That works, many thanks and have a great Christmas!


Hi guys. Where to add mailto: emailaddresshere ?? there is not a link option add mailto address or link to another page or link to a file to download… where is it?


Highlight a piece of text, then click the link option. Go the side panel and look for interactions. Now select he toggled item Navigate to url. In the window below type


ok i will try! so far best answer