Email links

Hi there

Got an annoying issue with email links. On this page:

I have 2 links. One after the Apple logo and 'Call us…"

And another linking to an internal Page after the section on SSD’s starting with ‘Supercharge’

They both appear differently but I can’t figure out why and how to control the appearance of links…

Any help would be appreciated



Hey, just create a custom class and apply it to all of your links, which you want to look the same way.

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Hi Eldar

Sorry for super late reply, I hadn’t been receiving notifications that I had a reply!

Thanks for that, all AOK now

But what about styling hover, active and visited?

When styling your class look up at to the top of the box and you will see the name of your class and next to that you will see normal. Click on the arrows and you’ll see the hover and active state and you can style each one.


You have been precious Casey.
Thank you a lot!