Embed a website


Can i embed a website into my website? Like an iFrame??


Sure, just use the HTML widget to paste in an iframe.


I wanted to post the same, but with an example, but its not possible to start a line of code after < the preview is not show the rest of the code anymore, or am i missing something in the forum


Code should work unless I’m mistaken I’ll double check the settings.


can someone shoot me a quick tutorial?


Not working…nothing shows up please help…


it is possible, but if I write some CODE in the forum, its is filtered out…
so try this,
make a block, put a html bric inside and copy this code inside:

<***iframe width=“100%” height=“3000” frameborder=“0” style=“border:0” src=“http://blocsapp.com”>

BUT remove 2x the *** because thats the only way i could show a line of code in the forum



Thank you so much.Perfect.


happy to help :slight_smile:


Hi Sandy
I copied your code verbatim and removed the 2 X *** but no joy.
After pasting it into the html bric it changes and adds additional exclamation marks
Is there another way to contact you?
My email address is peter@events24sa.co.za

Many Thanks


@PeterG it works great, check this: if your site is https and you want to load a NON https site it will not work.