Embed Google Sheets spreadsheet

Hello all,

I’m just a hobby user of Blocs and I’d appreciate some help here.

I’ve successfully embedded a Google Sheets spreadsheet into Blocs but it is showing up far too small.


I can’t see any settings in the iFrame code that would allow it to show bigger.

Assuming I get past this stage, for mobile, would you recommend simply adding a link so that people can go straight to the Google Sheets app?

Hello @Chiefsub68 I can share a excel app I use to have spreadsheets in html… don’t know if is useful for you:

Excel2html.xlam.zip (25.2 KB)

Thanks … I’ve tried that but it looks as though it is Excel only. It won’t import into either Numbers or Google Sheets.

I added the measurements to the code in the iFrame, thus:

You can see the finished result here.


Five members of the club have edit access to the spreadsheet and can change it in Google Sheets. Their input is reflected instantly on the club website.

It’s not brilliant in phone size, but it does show.

Give this a try to make an iframe responsive. Adjust the class to suit, there is some basic instructions there.

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