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Hi everybody

Could anyone help me with embedding my instagram feed on my blocs-website?
I can’t find any information about how to do it online.

Thank you anyway!


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Use the HTML Bric in Blocs

In conjunction with the embedding method described by Instagram “Embedding on your website”:



Thank you for your answer. It works to embed a single post like this but i’d actually like to embed the whole feed. And as it seems, Instagram doesn’t provide the HTML code for the whole feed.
Do you have any idea how to make it possible to embed the whole feed?

I can probably make an extension which does this, i’ll get back to you


Please do!!! Hehehe

This would be a really great addition to Blocs - Instagram and Facebook feeds that we size (height and width) and allow for 1-12 images (automatically replaced with the latest from the feed) on the page that are responsive across breakpoints.

With Muse (well I should add left out in the “wild” by Adobe!) we have social media widgets allowing for displaying of the social media stream and it is a really great addition to have and our clients love it!

Having done some research into this it’s very difficult to achieve. I’ll keep having a go and let your guys know.

Hi Salome, There are several websites thats are providing free instagram widget services like http://www.instawidgets.com website, when you google it you can see all of them.

I have found a real easy Widget that will work no problems with the HTML Bloc. Responsive and easy to customize.
Go to

There login to Instagram and create your Live Feed free. Its free and will only update once (1) a day. Buy the Upgrade for a one time $10 and it will update I think every hour or less.
Got 2 sites running with it and it works as advertised.


I’ve looked around for ages.
The best solution for me is Elfsight.
I’m using it for ‘live’ updates from my phone.
My other galleries are Juicebox Pro feeds from Flickr.
Elfsight example

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Hi @apswoodwork, thanks for the recommendation of Elfsight. It Works very good!

It was hard to find, but here it is. The cost involved.
The cost of license for one app on one website starts with $1.5 a month. Using more apps on several sites makes the subscription fee higher.
Just curious does anyone know of any other paid or Free services or App/Widgets that could be used in Blocs?

Light Widget has my vote. I have it on a few websites now. Its easy to use and cheap, which is great… now that Instagram has made it so difficult.

Hi. What sites are you using Lightwidget on?