Embed Jitsi on a website

I’m considering integrating Jitsi on a website without having to pass through their website.

Jitsi is a free solution for video conferences and has the advantage of not requesting to register.
So, I was wondering if someone already has done it before.
If someone knows how to do it, I would love to know how to do it too :slight_smile:


Jitsi has an API you can use for doing this.

Simply review the below link(s) and then utilize the needed features found within Blocs to accomplish it. As shown all you need to do is reference their API JS file, then target a specific DIV via a code snippet with any customized options that you might desire.


Hello @Muppet,

As @Blocs_User told you you can have the full interface in your website, but if you only want to have the user interface to connect to your meeting, you can use the following iframe:

<iframe allow="camera; microphone; display-capture" src="https://meet.jit.si/xxxnameofmeetingxxxallowfullscreen=" true"="" style="height: 400px; width: 100%; border: 0px;"></iframe>

Just change the xxxnameofmeetingxxx with the name you want for your personal meeting (Note: the name of the meeting is right before allowfullscreen with no spaces.)

Hope it helps you…

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It’s working on the website, but I don’t know why if I try to connect also on my phone to the classroom (I put the same name on both) to see if the video conference is working it keep saying I’m the only one connected and doesn’t show the other connection (I connect with my computer with wifi and phone with 3G).
Any idea why?

Same name in both?!? Please explain.

Try here for you please:

NOTE: Remember that if user connect at same time they will see each other… :slight_smile:

I mean I connected to the same classroom, but I connected naturally under a different name (1 through my test website and 1 with my phone).
So, when I connect with my test webpage: http://www.phltest.xyz/TESTWEB/TeacherSolution/
I can connect, but strangely when I connect also with my phone it keeps saying I’m the only one connected. (When I try to connect with https://meet.jit.si on my laptop and my phone I see both connected.