Embedded Soundcloud and Mixcloud HTML codes aren't showing

I’ve built a website with Blocs 3 and apparently when I uploaded my project online, I noticed that either Soundcloud and Mixcloud embedded codes for code widget just dissapeared. While previewing in web browser in localhost it works just fine, but the problem appeared just when the page was uploaded to the hosting.
Does anyone have any ideas?
Or maybe other free and convenient solutions how to embed an audio player with a playlist and cover art for my music portfolio page.
Thanks in advance

Hi @moricinas

What’s the url to your site?
Do you have some browser plugin that maybe blocks things?

I did a quick test in Blocs 3.3.0 and just pasted the embed code, uploaded it and it works fine.

My live test page

Here’s my test bloc file.
Soundcloud-test.bloc (196.4 KB)

Hello Jakerlund,
Interesting… I uploaded your project and it worked fine.
Link to my page is here in section “WORKS”.

P.S I’ve tried in several web browsers and still no luck. However, I’ve inserted my Soundcloud embed code into your project and it worked totally fine. So I think it has something to do with my current code widget bloc or its settings, right?

@moricinas i think i know what it is.
Try deselect “Enable Lacy Loading” when exporting.
It often causes strange issues, and i didn’t use it in my example.

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did as You said with exporting the project with disabled lazy loading and it worked.
Really wouldn’t have thought of that by myself. Thanks again Jakerlund!

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