Embedded Vimeo video fullscreen

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m playing around with video integration. If I embed a Vimeo video via the Blocs video bric (I even tried the code widget) everything works fine, but the fullscreen button is missing.

I also bought the Player for Blocs app on the blocs store, no fullscreen either when self hosting the video. The button appears, but I cannot click it.

This makes me wonder if I am overseeing something, or if it is just not possible to give the viewers the option for fullscreen?

Thank you

Hello Marcel,

The video full screen button for Vimeo might not appear inside the Blocs Preview, but if you preview your site in a browser, it will be there. I just tested both built-in video player and embedding via Code Bric, and both work fine.


Cool, thank you!