Enthusiastic new user

Hi guys,

this is just a short introduction from a German newbie who is ready to shoot a whole bunch of questions to the community! I hope you will stand it, do you? :wink:

I’m 40 years old and Blocs user for two weeks now. Had a few issues with the app right from the beginning but now (mostly) everything falls into place. However, the more you get into the way the app works the more new problems arise, even more so if you try to fine tune and tweak your site.

Anyway, I hope not to be too redundant so I try not to ask questions that are already addressed!

Thanks and best regards,

Hello Felix,

Welcome to the Blocs Community! :slight_smile:

Thanks Eldar - I realized I have too much questions to send them all to you alone! :smiley:

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Hello Felix.

Do as I did. Just start building a website and when you run into a problem, post it here.


That’s actually what I am gonna do! Thanks for being there, guys!