Errors when checking web with W3C

Hi @Norm

I have checked with W3C (Markup Validation Service) a new website developed with Blocs ( and it gives me the errors that appear in the image below.

I believe that the two modules that appear in the image are inserted in the code by BLOCS.

Could you confirm if it’s Blocs or is it that I’ve missed something?

How could I fix it?

Very grateful in advance for your attention.

So far i know, those 2 warnings coming not from Blocs. You have maybe included some kind of cookie GDPR script maybe?

Thanks for your answer @rusmir

I have verified that they are only warnings and therefore nothing serious.

I have included the cookie for GDPR and the Google Analytics code.

I will check external Cookie provider.

We are using for GDPR validation.

I will prove your recommendation.

Thanks @rusmir

Nothing serious of these issues, try any website and it will give similar warnings

The W3C test is a joke… ignore it. If you want to see something funny, test on it. Other than the page itself, I have never seen any web page not have errors…


how do you acctually add to your websites? you just add the html widget?