Everything Duplicating on Export

As you can see everything has been duplicated on export. What is causing this behavior?

It usually mean that when you export, you choose not to overwrite the files already in the folder. This will leave the original files intact and rename the new files with a β€œ-1” appended to the file name. You can see from the time/date stamp when each version was saved - they are different.

Check project attachments, it sounds like a copy of your project may have been accidentally dropped onto the canvas.

Remove all the duplicates files if the exist one that table.

Thank you Norm for the quick reply.

How does one check the project attachments?


Thank you. That solved the other issue as well.

The entire contents of the folder was being dragged over every single time it was exported. It also cost some weird graphical run times issues.


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What did you do to fix it? Im having the same issue. The only difference its than noone answered to my post hahahaha

Check your project attachments, make sure you don’t have a copy of you entire site added there.