Export generates a hidden 'icon' file that impacts FTP upload

Hi All,

recently moved to ‘clean URLs’ which is so much better, but now on every export i seem to have a hidden file called ‘icon?’ in each folder. although it doesnt impact the running of the site that i can tell, it throws an error when i try and upload amended site using an FTP and overwriting the previous version.

Tells me the folder isnt empty, i cannot then delete the file using the FTP i have to go into the CPANEL folders and delete each manually, then it just happens again? definitely comes from blocs export and incredibly frustrating

Never seen that before. I’d file a bug report.


What happens if you export to a new location.

same thing sadly. its very odd, i originally thought it was the server side but it isn’t. may need to submit a report as @Flashman suggested, if you two havent seen this before then ive no hope!! lol