Export woes

Hope this makes sense. I created a site in Bloc 3 then upgraded to 4 with no issues. Now I’ve upgraded to Blocs 5 and when I say quick export, and then upload what I expect to be new content, nothing on my site has changed. I am using transmit and I know the files are dated correctly, but it’s just uploading my old site. In other words, my export is not happening even though it says it’s exported.

Newer version of Blocs exports into a folder using the project name. So you might find that in your export location you defined in settings.

I wish this was optional as it messed up my entire workflow and automations. Blame Flashman for the idea :rofl:. Why it needs to create another folder inside your set export location is…:man_shrugging:


Ahh, thanks Pete. That’s where it was. That’s just dumb!

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I know right.