Exporting a project for distribution?

HI all. I’ve got a project that I plan to wrap up and sell on my template site: https://www.templaterepo.com/#designed

What’s the best way to export a project and prepare it for distribution?


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I would have thought the tag line on the bottom of the demo would have said “built by the Blocs community forum” :thinking::kissing_closed_eyes::rofl::rofl:

Nice looking repo site though.

Are you selling it as a Blocs project file or exported HTML?

Are you going to fix the jumping hero bloc and the navigation being cutoff on landscape iPads? (Which I recall were forum topics?)


Ha ha! I did have a hand in it too :wink:

Plan is to sell as a Blocs file that users can open, edit, adapt, etc.

My understanding is that this was a bug in Blocs, so I can’t fix it. But, pretty sure Norm sorted it in a recent update?

I didn’t see that discussion, but… There are a few niggles that need to be ironed out before release, however I’d rather do everything in one hit, so once I’ve worked out the best way to package the file up I’ll fix everything and release it.

Thanks. It’s predominantly for the Rapidweaver community. I’ve just added a knowledge base to the site as a repo for custom CSS “hacks” and the like. I wasn’t going to release the Blocs project as I know I’m there are others servicing that market in the Blocs community, but quite a few RW users have recently joined the Blocs club, and after asking their opinion a few have come back and asked to get access to the project, so I want to get it out there for them. It’s not going to be expensive, most likely €15. It may or may not get followed up with more Blocs projects if I get the time to make any.