Extension manager is empty again!

Hi all,

I went to add Re-Capture to a form and noticed this bric and the wordpress bric were missing again, same as when I first downloaded blocs 4.

I re-downloaded the file @Norm posted on a previous post when Blocs was originally missing this.

The all of a sudden, my extension manager is empty again.

I dragged the blocs icons in the recycle bin and re-dowloaded Blocs & tried the Beta and still missing.

Any advice please?..I originally had this problem and did a re-install when talking to @Eldar and we put this down to a font.

I have now worked out what the issue is - This happens when I manually add the Wordpress Brics in Blocs.

If I add the wordpress brics in - then I get no extension manager, when I take them out - extension manager returns !

Now - I do NOT have Blocs Plus - so could this be the issue?

Thanks all

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